Another Important Tip – Copper Eagle Patrol & Security

Another Important Tip – Copper Eagle Patrol & Security

Here are simple yet important tips:

Contrary to many songs written about leaving keys in the mailbox. This is not a wise practice!  The same goes for leaving a key under the mat. If you must hide a key outside somewhere, make sure it’s not a common place, and also, make it difficult to get to. Don’t help bad people get easy access to your home. Better Safe, Than Sorry…

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security is a family run, eco-friendly, private security company providing on-site or roving security patrols as well as 24-hour alarm response.

If you need you need an extra layer of protection for your home or office, call Copper Eagle Patrol & Security!

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security: 26752 Oak Avenue Unit C | 661.251.6999 |