Event Protection and Much More – Copper Eagle Patrol & Security SCV

Event Protection and Much More – Copper Eagle Patrol & Security SCV

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security is a family run, eco-friendly, private security company providing on-site or roving security patrols as well as 24-hour alarm response.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security has been protecting Santa Clarita Businesses since 1987. With Copper Eagle Patrol & Security watching over the SCV, there’s no need to be nervous getting out of your car to go into your home or office?

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security provides on-site or roving security officers their visibility is deterrent to crime.

Senior are more vulnerable, according to the National Crime Report. Criminals are targeting and abusing the elderly – this horrific trend is growing rapidly in many cities across the country.  The issue is complicated by the fact that many elders choose not to pursue legal avenues due to the stress of being a witness, or because of health issues, or frightened of repercussion.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security adds another element to that list – crime. We don’t like to think about crime or worry that someone might break into our home or office when we’re gone. So if you are going on an extended vacation or business trip, call Copper Eagle Patrol & Security and discuss options of protection.

Our officers can perform regular routine procedures at your site. These procedures can include monitoring evening swimming pool activities at an apartment complex, verifying locked doors at your office building, and deterring vagrants from sleeping in your parking lot.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security: 26752 Oak Avenue Unit C | 661.251.6999 | www.coppereaglepatrol.com