Holiday Shopping will coming to an end soon. There’s the Christmas Eve rush and then the day after Christmas, In fact, it’s the fifth-busiest shopping day of the year. Watch out for people that want whats not theirs.

Parking Lots during the Holidays can be dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Don’t leave items out in plain view in your vehicle. This is an invitation to thieves. Make sure they are hidden!

Watch out for predators. Don’t give them reason to take your things. Parking lot safety tips for holiday shoppers: FYI, Most lots have security cameras!

Malls and shopping centers will be jammed this holiday season. Unpredictable traffic patterns and preoccupied drivers cause thousands of parking lot mishaps that cost consumers millions of dollars each year. Parking lot safety is especially important during the holidays. Consumers should be particularly cautious about where they park because parking lots are also prime territory for thieves, pickpockets, car-jackers and vandals.

Surprisingly, many parking-lot mishaps do not involve two drivers —but rather the result of improper backing into parked vehicles. That increases the likelihood of hit-and-run incidents and the chance that you will be left to pick up the tab. Simple caution is the only real cure to avoid being a victim of parking lot accidents or crime.

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