Camera technology has evolved heavily in recent years. The prices for camera systems have dramatically dropped making these systems affordable to anyone. But Cameras are only record people doing things to your property, they don’t stop them.

Copper Eagle offers an integrated CCTV system which allows us to watch, respond and catch people damaging your property. This system allows us to positively identify any persons involved in criminal activity and hand them over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

With a CCTV system from Copper Eagle we maintain the camera system to make sure that it is always performing. Our dispatchers and Patrol officers have the ability to pull up live video feed from your location at any time. We notice when people are tampering with the camera system and we repair it without passing on the cost to you.

For more information on how an integrated CCTV system can protect your property and rate quotes contact our sales department at (661) 251-6999

In today’s marketplace it’s not easy to find a company who consistently models excellence across the board.  Copper Eagle is just such a company.  As a homeowner’s association manager, I expect a certain standard from the service professionals I do business with Copper Eagle has always been a cut above everyone.  I have used the security services of Copper Eagle for over 25 years and can honestly say they have only gotten better with the passage of time.  Copper Eagle is constantly improving their service by incorporating the latest advancements in technology.  But their biggest asset by far is their security patrol force.  These individuals take extreme pride in the job they do.  They are some of the most well educated, trained, articulate professionals in the security service industry.  Each one is an asset to the company and is directly responsible for its continued success.

As I mentioned above I manage the  Valencia Racquet Club, Sutter’s Pointe and Rainbow Glen Estates and the number of incidents at each community has continually decreased with Copper Eagle on patrol. Copper Eagle is the exceptional choice for security service in all the Santa Clarita Valley. I highly recommend Copper Eagle to anyone who demands superior security.

Sandy Moss