May Temperatures have unseasonably warm and summer is coming. Copper Eagle Patrol Reminder: Don’t Lock you Child or Pet in the car. Not even for a minute.

Pets are surprisingly clever when it comes to locking doors. Just not very good at unlocking them. Kids may not know how or be able to either.

The short time it takes for a dog or child who is locked in a car to become overheated is frightening. Don’t leave your animal or child in a locked car, not even for a minute. It’s against the law.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security: 26752 Oak Avenue Unit C | 661.251.6999

Another reminder! Everyone Please Drive Responsibly and Undistracted!

Drivers, during this time where so many are staying at home, there are many more people riding bikes, skateboards, and other types of vehicles, please watch out for them, they may not be watching out for you!

Pedestrians stay alert, Stay Off of your Phone while out!

Call Copper Eagle Patrol and they are there to serve you 24 hours of the day.

Private citizens shouldn’t address anyone who is Emailing or send Text messages while they are driving. They may retaliate. Or just as bad, while you’re paying attention to them, your attention is not on the road or pedestrians. Heads Up!