Copper Eagle Patrol & Security offers on-site officers, parking enforcement, party & event security, live CCTV monitoring, pool lock/unlock, customizable security options are available for Santa Clarita Homes and Businesses.

Santa Clarita Valley’s premier private security agency,  Copper Eagle Patrol & Security has provided shopping centers, businesses and residents of Santa Clarita reliable security service Since 1987. They work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement, Copper Eagle continues to do its part in earning Santa Clarita its recognition as the 3rd safest cities in the nation.
Located in the heart of Santa Clarita, Copper Eagle Patrol & Security is able to provide security and protect our clients through fires, earthquakes and floods.
Copper Eagle Patrol & Security does more than report crime, we work with our clients to prevent it!
As you browse our page, we hope you gain a clearer idea of how private patrol and security can protect your property, assets and people.

You can be assured that, SCV, you’re protected by Copper Eagle Patrol with SCV’ largest fleet of security response vehicles. The sense of security is priceless. Ensure your safety with Copper Eagle Patrol. Call now! 661.251.6999 Relax knowing you are well protected. Home or Office we are here for you!

Personal safety is important for everyone. If you see any people acting suspiciously, please report them to the mall security officers immediately. They’re there to help you. So are we!

Copper Eagle Security Patrol continues to be the number one Santa Clarita Security Experts.

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