Best wishes for the Holiday Season From Copper Eagle Patrol & Security

Here are some tips to avoid Holiday package theft at home.

There have been of an increase of mail and package thefts in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas reported recently. Unfortunately during the Holiday Season more packages are left in the in gardens and by front doors by busy delivery services. Many delivery services are offering alternatives to leaving packages in the open on the porch. For example USPS offer a service called Informed Delivery where delivery instructions may be given authorizing them to leave packages with a neighbor or in other places on your property such as the back door. UPS offer MyChoice, Fedex offer Delivery Manager and Amazon offer a number of services including delivery to an Amazon Locker, a self-service kiosk located in shopping centers, retail stores, transit stations, and elsewhere.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security can help too. As camera technology has evolved in recent years. The prices for camera systems have dramatically dropped making these systems affordable to anyone.

Copper Eagle offers an integrated CCTV system which allows them to watch, respond and catch people damaging or stealing from your property. This system allows them to positively identify and record any persons involved in criminal activity and hand them over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Look for Copper Eagle Patrol, they’re patrol cars are everywhere!

Parking lot safety tips for holiday shoppers: FYI, Most lots have security cameras!

Don’t hesitate and stop stressing. Ensure your safety with Copper Eagle Patrol. Call now!

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