Our Patrol Officers provide an ongoing presence at your site. Patrol officers are utilized to provide a constant reminder to potential thieves and vandals that your site is routinely patrolled and checked.

In addition to patrol, our officers also perform regular routine procedures at your site. These procedures can include monitoring evening swimming pool activities at an apartment complex, verifying locked doors at your office building, and deterring vagrants from sleeping in your parking lot.

Our patrol officers are always in contact with our dispatch center. Using both mobile and hand held radios our dual radio system allows for officers to always be in constant contact even if they are away from their vehicles.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security clients are often protected by our First Response ® protection program. This program dispatches our security officers to silent alarms, fire alarms, and intruder alerts. With experience, knowledge, and expertise, our offices determine the seriousness of the call and take the appropriate action(s) needed to resolve the situation. Our officers are fully trained in and backed by the State of California Power’s arrest Laws. Copper Eagle Patrol and Security officers attend many ongoing classroom and seminar training programs to keep abreast of the many changing laws in California.

Copper Eagle is directly responsible for saving our clients thousands of dollars in false alarm citations from local government when a perceived emergency was not legitimate.

For more information on how a Patrol Officer can protect your property and rate quotes contact us at the number below

In today’s marketplace it’s not easy to find a company who consistently models excellence across the board. Copper Eagle is just such a company.

As a homeowner’s association manager, I expect a certain standard from the service professionals I do business with and Copper Eagle has always been a cut above everyone. I have used the security services of Copper Eagle for over 25 years and can honestly say they have only gotten better with the passage of time. Copper Eagle is constantly improving their service by incorporating the latest advancements in technology. But their biggest asset by far is their security patrol force. These individuals take extreme pride in the job they do. They are some of the most well educated, trained, articulate professionals in the security service industry. Each one is an asset to the company and is directly responsible for its continued success.

As I mentioned above I manage the  Valencia Racquet Club, Sutter’s Pointe and Rainbow Glen Estates and the number of incidents at each community has continually decreased with Copper Eagle on patrol. Copper Eagle is the exceptional choice for security service in all the Santa Clarita Valley. I highly recommend Copper Eagle to anyone who demands superior security.

Property Manager Sandy Moss