Copper Eagle Patrol : Don’t Lock you Child or Pet in the car. Not even for a minute. Besides that it’s unlawful, your child or pet could die from heat exhaustion.

Pets are surprisingly clever when it comes to locking doors. Just not very good at unlocking them. Kids may not know how or be able to either.

The short time it takes for a dog or child who is locked in a car to become overheated is frightening. Don’t leave your animal or child in a locked car, not even for a minute. It’s against the law.


Our goal here at Copper Eagle Patrol is to exceed our customers’ expectations and continue to keep SCV safe!

We have on-site and mobile security officers, 24-hour alarm response, video surveillance and private investigation services that can add layers of protection you otherwise wouldn’t have. Home or Office.

Please Report any vehicle with children or pets inside.

Copper Eagle Patrol your best protection in Santa Clarita and supports local law enforcement as well as patrolling for our clientele. Copper Eagle are first responders to emergency events that occur in the SCV.

When it comes to feeling Safe at Home or at the Office, Hire the Best.

Personal safety is important for everyone and we want to make it easy to achieve!

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