Be aware of your surroundings. There are some desperate people out there. If you find yourself in an uneasy situation, get to where there are lots of people as quickly as possible, then alert security or law enforcement.

Don’t forget, be particular and  cautious about where you park. Make sure it’s well lighted. Secure all valuables in the trunk while you are shopping this holiday season.

Consumers should be particularly cautious about where they park because parking lots are prime territory for thieves, pickpockets, car-jackers and vandals.

Malls and shopping centers will be jammed this 2018 holiday season. Unpredictable traffic patterns and preoccupied drivers cause thousands of parking lot mishaps that cost consumers lots of money each year. Parking lot safety is especially important during the holidays.

Look for Copper Eagle Patrol, they’re patrol cars are everywhere!

Parking lot safety tips for holiday shoppers: FYI, Most lots have security cameras!

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