Copper Eagle Patrol & Security can help ensure that you don’t become the next victim of a serious crime. Call us at 661-251-6999.

Imagine this, your vehicle window is smashed and your laptop and an external hard drive are stolen which had been left on the front seat.

Want to feel safer in your home or business?

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security can add a level of security to your home or office that currently just isn’t there. It’s been proven that the simple presence of a security officer can often deter potential crime from happening. Don’t become the next victim of crime when it can be avoided. Call:  661.251.6999

Just a reminder, as always, and especially as the Holiday Season approaches; Please don’t leave personal property in your vehicle out in plain view.

Crimes that occur in our community are upsetting to us all,  particularly when they happen in or around our own neighborhoods. But crime does happen. And that’s why you need to call Copper Eagle Patrol & Security. 661.251.6999

And remember, Copper Eagle Patrol & Security is always accepting applications for responsible and reliable people who are seeking to join our team. Some of the positions that we accept applications for are for onsite officers and patrol officers.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security clients are often protected by our First Response protection program. 26752 Oak Avenue Unit C |